Fair/e is an expert partner in advice on financial investment matters, interceding in the entirety of your financial savings. The allocation of assets is the essential contributor to performance. Our objective is to select the best allocation managers to build an allocation which responds to your needs and one that generates consistent performance over time.

We are a firm that stands by its convictions. We do not depend upon any third party financial or banking organisation. This allows us to remain utterly objective in the delivery of our services, therefore we can recommend a totally free management choice, always in the unique interests of our clients. We’re not active managers but rather we designate fund managers to your account or private banking interests; people who can answer to your financial objectives, diagnose their strengths and weaknesses based on a series of qualitative and quantitative criteria. The monitoring of these managers is the sole guarantor of risk control and improved performance, an approach which is centered on our close proximity to these managers.

Fair/e strengthens dynamic investment opportunities for clients, notably in matters pertaining to land property. In France gross current rental yields have moved from 5.8% to 3.8% in a decade, and overall performance (added value over five years to which rentals are added) has moved into negative territory at -2.5%.

On the other hand, European real estate is a motivating alternative in that it allows access to other markets, each possessing its own economic, environmental and fiscal advantages. Fair/e selects European cities that present the best investment opportunities: attractiveness, transaction volume and price trends. We expand our field of research by analysing all vehicles in every country to better serve our clients.

Private equity designates a form of private investment in businesses that wish to finance their development, expansion and transformation via capital injection. Fair/e partners can call on years of entrepreneurial experience in guiding businesses and their investors in such ventures.

We speak of private investment in this instance, because, unlike stocks available on the financial markets, investments in private equity are not listed. In 2007, private equity represented almost 25% of the world’s mergers and acquisitions. Since then, all activities held in private equity funds are valued at more than 1 trillion dollars in capital, around the world. Innovation financing via private equity in France has been doing well, with more than 1.1 billion euros invested each semester.

Investments in this asset class are generally reserved for specialist institutionalised investors such as banks, insurance companies and pension funds. Nevertheless, Fair/e offers these investment solutions to all its clients. We find that in private equity there is a means to diversify investment portfolios with opportunities for attractive returns on investment. These benefits are based on stable growth for investors as opposed to the volatile fluctuations of the financial markets.

Our ambition is to become men and women of trust for both families and institutions; our métier is to help them make decisions and carry out the operational implementation of these decisions; and to ensure monitoring over time, to constitute a real power of negotiation.

Our independence allows us to deliver our services with maximum objectivity and to offer a truly free management choice in the unique interests of our clients. We do not distribute any financial products and the commissions that we bill will be returned in function of the assets that you entrust us with. Fair/e derives most of its earnings from fees paid by its clients.

We work according to our own conception of a family office. We invest in the process of how we treat our clients, creating tools and drafting procedures, whilst adhering to ethical codes of conduct. We dedicate ourselves to making money for our clients and helping them save on costs.

We need to simplify the lives of people and their families by being accessible in accompanying them across one or more generations, placing people at the very heart of our concept of family office. Our clients judge us, above all, on the basis of our effectiveness and our capacity to sustain their financial legacy over time.

Our role and its success also depend on our capacity to protect, secure and expand your wealth. We define ourselves as a new generation of family office, according ourselves the title of ‘Capital Makers’ in this endeavor.