• 12 November 2016

What’s App! Why?

What’s App! Why?

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Fair/e partners have no premeditated ideas in matters of communication between them or their clients. For fluidity’s sake, they did what made sense in typical start-up style whilst preserving the cornerstone of their profession – confidentiality.

What’s App, as the first messaging application to offer end to end encryption, virtually unbreakable (even by the company What’s App themselves), is the privileged channel of communication for Fair/e partners. It is usable daily so that they’re always available and accessible in the simplest and most efficient manner, evenings and weekends included; in France or from whatever country they might be exploring for you or their very own pleasure.

Thus communications between you and Fair/e are already confidential right down to the tiniest symbol, letter or number, pending the arrival of a proprietary solution for centralising and securing all your communications with Fair/e.