• 12 November 2016

All is Fair/e in Finance

All is Fair/e in Finance

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It took years, without any of the partners fully realising it until now, for Fair/e to be born. Each of them has brought their experience, worldview and desire to the firm, and Julien Magitteri, founding president of Fair/e, has federated them.

Pierre-Antoine Poussier (founder, managing director), Luc Granger (founder, partner), Vincent Mallet (founder, partner) and Christophe Achard (founder, partner) underpin Julien with their experiences, affinities and exigencies in private management, financial advice, the banking profession and the family office practice.

The Fair/e adventure has only just begun, serving your aspirations and ambitions so that your legacy is gainful to you, yours and others, according to your needs and desires.

Now at last, All is Fair/e in Finance.